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This is a policy page. If you don't have staff privileges, please do not edit this article. Contact an admin to have your suggestions noticed if you wish to have the rules here changed.

Thanks! ~Staff of the Old Prodigy Wiki Community

General Rules

  • All FANDOM Rules apply here.
  • Respect everyone, along with their privacy and belongings.
  • Do not vandalize or spam.
  • Do not troll or harass other users.
  • Do not swear! This is a family friendly wiki! Impersonation of other users, celebrities, etc. is not allowed.
  • Do not have an unacceptable username. (Names containing swear words, offensive terms, or personal info)
  • No NSFW/Offensive profile picture.
  • Do not share private info about yourself or other users.
  • Do not block people without permission.
  • Do not warn people without proper proof of violation of the rules.
  • Keep arguing to a minimum.
  • Do not ask for personal info from other users (Ex: City, School, Address,etc.)

Anyone who has broken these rules will be blocked. This includes STAFF MEMBERS!

By contributing to the wiki and becoming a member of our community, you hereby agree to follow our rules and are to obligate the FANDOM ToS. Prodigy is not responsible for any abusive, hateful, NSFW, promotion of illegal sources, homophobia, or transphobia that occurs on this wiki- rather, it is the user themselves. Any content including any of these will automatically be deleted, and the user(s) will be blocked indefinitely.