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Notice: This Manual of Style is still a work in progress. Only edit if you are a Moderator or higher!

Manual of Style


Preferably, images should be in .png format, and official files from the game are not to be modified from the original state. In-game screenshots should have acceptable quality.

Here are the name examples for images, in which they should be uploaded and renamed. Of course, please replace the word placeholders for what the file actually shows.

  • Icons are to be named Pet Icon.png
  • Sprites are named Item.png
  • Spritesheets are named Spritesheet-Pet.png
  • Spell GIFS only need the name of the spell!
  • We encourage that you rename the file to show context!


Spacing in Source Code is quite minor, but we enforce it to make editing easier.

Bad Good



==Header 2==
===Header 3===
====Header 4====

{{Template with named parameters

{{Template with numbered parameters|


<gallery>File1.png|Caption 1
File_2.png|Caption 2
* Bullet
** Point
*** List

# Numbered
## List

== Header 2 ==
=== Header 3 ===
==== Header 4 ====

{{Template with named parameters
|a    = a
|ab   = b
|abc  = c
|abcd = d

{{Template with numbered parameters|A|B|C|D}}

; Bolded
: Indent

  File1.png  | Caption 1
  File 2.png | Caption 2

Reference + Citing

ALL content in this wiki should be verifiable, and traced to the original owner(s). Please cite info with quotes, footnotes, explanations, and reliable sources.

Plagarism is heavily looked down upon in FANDOM. Do not pass of someone else's work as your own. That means not only copying, quoting, paraphrasing, or submitting third-party work without citing or permission. As long as the work is cited properly, it will be able to pass these rules.